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These years, different subjects and committees have strived to organized different types of overseas study tour activities, e.g. "Literature in Tokyo", "Culinary Service Learning Tour in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand", "Geography Taichung expedition" etc.
These diverse learning experiences aim to expand students' knowledge, broaden students' international perspective, promote students' multi-perspective thinking and their ability to explore problems.


Our school is twinned with "Guangzhou Nansha Huangge Middle School" and "Taoyuan Yongfeng Senior High School". To enhance Hong Kong teachers' and students' understanding of the life and learning styles of students in both places, promote cultural exchange, enhance teachers' professionalism, and broaden students' horizons, we organized STEM and arts and cultural exchange activities at different levels.


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No other more effective methods than exposing oneself to native English speakers are found in English learning, so in the past, student-teachers from New York University of the United States of America were invited to visit our college to conduct interactive English lessons for more than 100 students.


An interactive recap of 2019 New York University Student and Teachers Visit


During the pandemic, it is not easy to travel abroad, In order to let students continue to explore the world, the school organized an "online study tour". As winter passed and spring arrived, although we could not go to Japan to see the beauty of cherry blossoms in person, we had the opportunity to meet online with the students of Waseda University High School. Our students talked with Tokyo students about the culture of the two places, from anime, food and movie stars to extracurricular activities and campus festivals. ...... Tokyo students introduced us to Tokyo's tourist attractions, and our students also introduced Hong Kong's unique Hong Kong café culture and Hong Kong's tourist hotspots to Tokyo students in Japanese. We also talked about life in the epidemic and encouraged each other. We look forward to visiting Waseda University and its affiliated high school when the pandemic subsides.

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