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Chinese Language Education

Chinese Language Eduation

Virtual Reality Writing Class

Our Chinese Language Department uses e-learning and incorporates virtual reality (VR) in the classroom to create a platform for students to observe and take virtual literary walks with students, inspiring them to think about a time and a place, allowing them to learn to appreciate life, enhance their sense of the city, discover the unique aspects of the community, and demonstrate humanistic care.

Jockey Club "Moved Inspired by the Environment" Virtual Reality Language Teaching Project


Chinese Language

Organization / Department

Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CLST) The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Literature Research Centre, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Support 11 schools to implement VR language teaching programs

Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School
Sha Tin Methodist College
HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College
HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School
Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College
Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School
Methodist College
S.W.C.S Chan Pak Sha School
SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School
St Paul's Co-educational College

Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Literary Arts Exchange Tour - Literary Taipei, Literary Tokyo

Our subject organizes diversified exchange activities outside of Hong Kong, allowing students to broaden their horizons by looking at the world.

The Literary Tokyo and Literary Taipei Literary Walk study tours are designed to allow students to read urban writing, explore the footsteps of writers, and visit the landscapes written by writers, allowing them to enter the world of literature.

Dandelion Joint School Literary Award 

In order to encourage students who are interested in writing to learn from each other and enrich their literary experiences, the school is co-organizing literary award seminars and competitions with the following schools:

  • ​S.K.H. St. Mary's Church Mok Hing Yiu College

  • ​Sha Tin Methodist College

  • Diocesan Girls' School

  • Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

  • Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School

  • Methodist College

  • STFA Lee Shau Kee College

  • St. Stephen's College

  • St Paul's Co-educational College

  • Good Hope School 

The Dandelion Literary Award provides an opportunity for students who wish to study or further their writing to exchange ideas.

We hope that the students will be able to absorb and nourish from the award and create more quality works.


Collaboration on literary activities

We cooperate with many literary organizations and publications to encourage students to participate in different types of literary activities, thus exploring their writing talents.

悅讀小思 學習寫作.jpg

Literary Camps

In order to promote students' love for literature, our Chinese Department has also co-organized a number of literary camps for the academic community. These camps include the "Pen and Shadow - Butterfly Valley Literary Camp" and the "Secondary Three Joint School Literary Camp". Through writers' night talks, literary seminars, literary games, writing sharing and literary walks, students can experience the beauty of literature and cultivate their literary skills.

Reading Club

In order to promote students' reading habits and interests, our Chinese Language class holds a reading club to gather a group of students who like to read. Teachers and students read and share together, thus promoting students' ability to read and reflect on the text.

Chinese Week

In order to get students out of the classroom and experience the beauty of Chinese, we hold Chinese Week activities. Throughout the week, there will be different kinds of Chinese activities, including author sharing, Chinese teacher book sharing, student speaking club, Chinese book exhibition, and literary games. Through these activities, students can experience the rich literary and reading atmosphere from different levels, thus enhancing the reading culture.

Literary Arts Interest Classes

Through regular classes in prose, new poetry, fiction, old songs and new lyrics, and photography, students' sensitivity to language is gradually enhanced, and their personal reflections on life are reflected in words and images. "The program also organizes arts and cultural activities in collaboration with cultural organizations in the community, leading students to reflect on their lives outside of the community and building their lifelong learning capacity to think, explore and innovate.

Outstanding Graduates

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Chinese Language and Literature

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