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Life of Faith


 The Rite of Vows for F.1 Students 

Every year, our Secondary students go to Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui St. Mary's Church to participate in the Form 1 Rite of Vows. While the newly promoted Form 1students are like lost lambs and always feel lost in the new environment, the Rite of Vows provides an opportunity to guide the students to set their resolutions before the Lord in the three areas of education, family and relationship with their classmates, and to face the challenges of growth with a positive attitude.


 Prayer Life and Religious Assemblies 

Each school day begins with a 5-15 minute morning meeting where Christian teachers share messages with students, either through personal spiritual sharing or reflections on their faith life, or by encouraging students to study, or by caring about different issues in the society and the world, and by starting their daily learning life with prayers, so that students can know the truth and begin to understand the truth, and understand the right direction of life in their youth, and not to deviate from the Lord's way and rely on the Lord and brave the way ahead. We hope that students will be empowered in the Lord every day.


 Christmas message sharing 

Christmas is a very important time in the Christian Church when Christians give thanks and reflect on the meaning of their faith. Every year, we have a Christmas message to share before Christmas. Jesus Christ was born into this world to change our lives and transform our hearts and minds. When we focus on the eyes of others, our lives lose their proper focus and we may even feel inferior and become rebellious. Jesus is the light of the world and He changes the way we see life. Although His life was full of difficulties, Jesus did not feel inferior because He knew who He was and what His mission was, and He had the power to change the world with love. May Jesus Christ be the light of our lives and inspire us to walk boldly through adversity.

 Pass on the Light Farewell Rite for the Form Six Students 

"Pass on the Light Farewell Rite for the Form Six Students" is a tradition at our school. When the students lit a small candle, they were reminded to be salt and light to others when they enter the community. The teachers handed out letters that the students had written to themselves when they were enrolled in the school, and the students were very excited to see their own young handwriting. The Superintendent of Schools, Revd Tsui Yuk Fan, officiated the ceremony and gave an exhortation. The Superintendent hoped that the students would not be afraid of difficulties and would lean on the Lord when facing challenges in their lives. The principal once again encouraged the students to live their lives as light, as flowers, as songs, as staffs, and as poems, and lean on the Lord to live an abundant life. Finally, the school presented the students with a heartfelt packet, wishing them strength and peace in mind, body, and spirit, and that they could complete the HKDSE examination with courage and success. 

 Easter Service:30/3/2021 

Every year before Easter, we hold an Easter service to remember that Jesus Christ died for us and that through the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ we can be renewed internally and that life is no longer the same because of Christ.



Our school has been providing diversified learning interactions for students through participation in different activities.
We hope that students can accumulate different learning experiences, discover their potential, and enhance their self-confidence.
This will help students develop the leadership skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.



Theme Learning Program

Self-Directed Learning Day